Popular Online Casinos With No Deposit and Bonus

If you search for casinos via the internet, the list can seem endless. There are so many to choose from, and it can be hard to narrow down your decision, to just one. With varying promotions and games on offer, it will take some research, to find one you are comfortable creating an account with.

This review will show you how to spot online reputable casinos. It will also explain the topic of starting money, and also bonuses which may be on offer and how to claim them.

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What is Starting Money?

When we conducted our online casinos comparison, we found out that the majority of online casinos will offer starting money. This is when you are provided with money to bet with, therefore in a way it can be seen as a form of no deposit bonus. This money can be acquired by meeting the required, qualifying terms of any new account offers. It is often provided when a customer makes an initial deposit into their new account. Many reputable casinos will then match that deposit, up to a certain specified amount. This gives customers extra money to bet with, and allows people to familiarise themselves with their chosen website.

Each casino will have different terms and conditions attached to their starting money offer. When creating an account with a specific casino, it is worth checking these before you join. This will ensure you are completely happy with your choice of casino.

How Does Starting Money Work?

A new customer will create an account with a casino by entering the necessary information and completing any validations needed. Any starting money bonuses, should be displayed on the homepage of the chosen website, or on the casino offers page. Checking the terms and conditions, and then making your deposit, your qualifying starting money will be added to your account.

This starting money may be a non withdrawal deposit. This means that you will not be able to immediately withdraw this money, back into your bank account. The starting money is specifically for placing extra bets and then any winnings made, can then be withdrawn.

Most starting money offers will also have a limit placed upon them. For example a casino may only match your initial deposit up to a certain amount, say £50.

Do You Need to Enter a Bonus Code when Obtaining Starting Money?

This will depend on the website, and their current promotions. All details regarding promotions will be detailed online, and customer service can be contacted to find out more. There may be online casinos with bonus codes which you have to add, in a specified box during account registration. It could be that the starting money is automatically applied to your account when the initial deposit is made as is the case with the Mr Superplay bonus code and the Comeon casino bonus codes.

Always check the promotions specific terms and conditions before making a deposit.

How to Find Out if a Casino Is Reputable

To play real money games in a casino, you must place trust in that site to keep your money safe. There are ways to check if your chosen casino is a reputable one. Always look for the following;


Always check if your chosen casino has a gambling providers license, which allows them to operate in your country. These licenses should be easy to find on the homepage of a casino website. You can also check gambling licenses online for each casino.

Responsible gambling

Many casinos will now have responsible gambling listed on their website. This is a great thing as it gives customers advice on how to stay in control whilst gambling. Casinos may offer customers to set limits on how much they can deposit, or limits on how many bets they can make, in a certain time period. There is also confidential help available to customers.

Customer support

A trusted casino will always put customer service as a priority. Many casinos will now offer 24/7 support via emails, phone lines and live chat. This should assure customers that they can always get help if required.


The internet has a wealth of information on the majority of casinos. Here you can find reviews and scam reports, which will all give you an idea on the casino’s reputation.


Gambling for leisure has been popular for a large number of years. The length of time an organisation has been in operation, can tell you a lot about how reputable it is.

Do Reputable Casinos in the UK Offer Starting Money as a Promotion?

Yes, they do. The majority of reputable casinos in the UK, will have bonuses for new players. These are often used so as to entice customers, to join that particular website. These bonuses will change all of the time, so it is worth looking around to find one that suits you. Look out for words such as starting money, deposit bonus, free spins or no deposit bonus.

New player bonuses are often listed on the website homepage, so that you see them instantly as you visit the website. If you can not see one, then it is worth searching ‘new player bonus’ followed by the casinos name, on the internet.

Are There Deposit Bonuses that Reputable Online Casinos Offer?

Yes, most casinos offer a deposit bonus or a sign up bonus. This is a great way of getting customers to place more bets, and get used to how the site works. By doing this, customers will feel familiar with betting using that site, and will have chance to feel comfortable with their decision to create an account. All of this contributes to them feeling they can revisit the site, and place more bets.


So as you can see from this review, there are reputable online casinos to be found. Follow the tips above and you can be sure to find a casino you are happy to join. All starting money bonuses will vary, depending on when you decide to create an account, so it is worth checking bonus conditions before you begin.

New players are offered a good array of free money bonuses, and there are many casinos to choose from. Go ahead and enjoy the research.

Lilly Adams Written by Lilly Adams

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