Casino Games – Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Free Slot Games

In the online world today it is possible to do so many things including playing casino games. There are many notable casinos which allow you to play their games at no cost. Many casinos do this so that the user can get a feel of what their casino is like before committing themselves to a deposit. There are plenty of casinos to choose from worldwide and plenty of games to choose from depending on your personal specifications. Read on to find out more about free online casino games that don't require a deposit.

Can You Play Online Casino Games for Free? Are There Any Special Requirements for Playing?

Yes, it is possible to play online casino games for free. Casinos will give you ‘play’ money to bet with but whatever winnings you acquire are not allowed to be withdrawn, you are only allowed to use the money to play with in the online casino. The only special requirements is that you are over eighteen years old and you have created an account with that casino and agreed to their terms and conditions. Casinos have different rules which each user must abide by, for example minimal deposit requirements and wagering requirements. When you create an account and before they deposit your account with money to play with you must agree to these terms. With so many reputable casinos it is totally possible to play casino games for free without having to pay!

Can You Receive a No Deposit Bonus Before Playing Casino Games for Free?

Yes, it is entirely possible to receive a no deposit bonus code before you actually play the games for free. This option allows the player to test out their favourite game before actually making a deposit. Players favour casinos that offer this type of gameplay as it allows them to test out the different types of games available before committing themselves to that casino.

No Code Needed
Claim Bonus
New customers only. Opt in required. 1x per customer. Must Drop Jackpots only. Max £10 bonus. 35x wagering. Bonus expires 72 hours from issue. Max. Redeemable £25. Eligibility rules, game, location, currency restrictions, stake contributions and terms and conditions apply.

Can You Play Roulette for Free?

Of course you can play roulette for free in many online casinos that offer you free money to play with. There are three types of popular roulette which is offered in different casinos.

Top 3 Most Famous Roulette Games in Online Casinos

The three most popular types of online roulette are as followed. Single zero, double zero and no zero. Single zero roulette is currently classed as the most popular by players around the world in both online and offline casinos. When playing European roulette the house edge is 2.70% meaning that the player is in charge for the time to spin and it offers players a high house edge.

The second type being double zero is also known as American Roulette. This type has a high edge of 5.26% but even the most experienced roulette players sometimes don’t like to play this variation of the game. The roulette rules on this game are the same as the single zero game.

The last variation offered to players isn’t notably used in all online casinos and that is no zero. As you can tell by the name the absence of a zero radically increases the odds for the players. The rules on this game are very similar as American and European roulette. Many players find this type of roulette very challenging. Again roulette games can be played with bonus cash offered by the casino when you sign up for an account with them.

Can You Play Blackjack for Free?

Yes, of course you can! The basic version of blackjack is popular all over the globe and casino users have rated blackjack in the top five casino games as of yet.

Top 3 Most Famous Blackjack Games in Online Casinos

There are three popular types of blackjack to choose from but not every casino offers these variations. Many casinos offer bonuses during gameplay and other exciting offers which entices players to enjoy a game of blackjack more often!

Vegas strip blackjack is the most popular and found in nearly all the online casinos. It’s popularity beats that of the traditional games and although the rules are nearly the same there is a slight variation with it.

Coming down in the list the next popular type of blackjack is European blackjack, which is again found in all online casinos. The rules are slightly diverse compared to those in the traditional game and that of Vegas strip blackjack.

Spanish 21 Blackjack is another popular version but with a few exciting twists. For example a four deck shoe of cards is used which means there are no 10’s in the deck! The rule ‘double down rescue’ is also used in this variation and is unique to this version of blackjack.

In all of these versions the outcome is the same, to beat the dealer. Have fun and try different versions of blackjack until you find the one perfect for you. Novice players are recommended to start with the traditional version before moving on to variations of the game.

Can You Play Poker for Free?

Poker can be played again for free in many online casinos and there is such a wide range that it can be hard to choose which one is right for you.

Top 3 Most Famous Poker Games in Online Casinos

The most popular and most played type of poker is Texas Hold Em Poker. The one reason that it is so popular is that the rules are easy to master and with so many players favouring this game the winnings are higher and the live tournaments more regular.

Omaha poker is another favourite and is very similar to Texas Hold Em Poker. This type of poker always generates a lot of action and casinos are always inventing new variations to this type of poker game to make it more and more interesting for players.

Before Texas Hold Em Poker became globally popular the most played poker game was Seven Card Stud. This is known as the traditional version and where many novice players begin. In this version of the game you are given more information to work with but there is a lot more strategy and skill involved. This type is used by professionals online and offline. Among these three popular types of poker there is also Razz, five card poker and even speed poker which is a modern fast-paced game which keeps players on their toes!

Can You Play Online Slots for Free?

Slot games in casinos are popular and highly played. They can be played for free with bonus cash and for free just to test them out. Every online casino will have different variations of slot games which make them unique to that casino to give players a unique gaming experience.

Top 3 Most Famous Slot Games in Online Casinos

The most top rated slot game is known as progressive jackpot slots. Saying this many players play this at the same time which essentially means winnings are less but saying this the jackpot always amount to more the more players there are.

Multiple pay line is another popular version and in this type of slot game a lot of winning combination is allowed. There is an interesting twist on this game and that is that a player can only activate three lines at a single time.

The most commonly found in casinos is the multiplier slot machine. The payout depends on the number of coins that the player has played. Sometimes the rules are difficult to understand but with a few trials of free gameplay the player will soon catch the gist!

Pros and Cons of Playing Casino Games for Free

Now you have a brief rundown of some of the most popular and top rated games which are played in online casinos. All these games and variations of the game can be tried and tested for free or with bonus cash which the casino will offer you when signing up.

There are many pro’s and con’s to playing the games for free. When you are given a game to play for free this usually means that the player does not have free reign on that game and possibly the higher bonuses and features won’t be accessible. As mentioned above the casino will probably have a set of rules in place for wagering requirements so to put it simply if they offer you twenty pounds free bonus cash then you will probably have to play those twenty pounds five times over and make a deposit before you can withdraw your winnings. It is worth reading the fine print before signing up to a bonus and make sure that you have not previously taken advantage of the bonus in the online casino you are signing up for because this can result in closure of your account.

Avid casino players love the fact that casinos entice their players to new games through their bonus offers and it is great that players can test out the online interface and platform before depositing money into their account. If you want to check out versions and variations of either roulette, blackjack, poker or slot games then opting for free gameplay is perfect. This allows players to get into the rhythm of the game, understand the rules, work out a strategy and check out jackpots, bonuses and special features before making a commitment. Free casino games and bonuses are worth checking out if you are not sure if that casino is for you!


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