Gala Casino – Dial M For Mystery Promotion

Become Ray Milland or Grace Kelly By Dialling M.

Dial M for the mystery at Gala Casino, and you’ll uncover what prize you’ll receive without any mysterious bonus conditions. This thrilling promotion probably won’t be making an appearance in an Alfred Hitchcock film any time soon, but it is a whole lot of fun with a little intrigue thrown in. Although Fredrick Knott didn’t write this particular script, it is pretty easy to follow the plot. The promotion is from 1st to 30th April 2019, and it is open to new and existing customers.

Rise To The Challenge And Choose a Mystery Box

There are three mystery boxes to choose from, and each one presents three challenges to fulfil before you can solve the mystery. Luckily, there is something for everyone to get involved in to reveal a mystery prize. Gala Casino has a lot more to offer but for now, the challenges are as follows:

  • Mystery Box One: make a deposit, play 2 games, and wager a minimum of £50.
  • Mystery Box Two: deposit at least £100, play 3 games, and wager a minimum of £250.
  • Mystery box Three: log in for at least 8 days, deposit £200, and wager a minimum of £400 across 5 games.

There Is No Mystery To The Specific Conditions

  • The maximum you can win is 30 Free-Spins and 2 Golden Chips
  • You’ll have 3 days to accept the prize
  • The Free-Spins value is £0.25
  • Golden Chips are worth £5 each

Needless to say, please read all of the full terms and conditions associated with this bonus as failure to do so, could result in disappointment.