Win Up To €850 Cash Every Week With Bwin Speed Bonus Challenge

The bwin Speed Bonus Challenge is one of the salient factors that have given bwin a significant edge over other gaming companies. This is because the bwin Speed bonus challenge enables players to earn up to €850 in cash every week upon racing through a series of 10 speed levels. The humongous amount to be earned from this promotion is just a tip of the iceberg, the cherry on top is that players can claim rewards in cash as well as free spins.

How to join the bwin Speed Bonus Challenge

Another exhilarating aspect of the bwin Bonus Challenge is the fact that players can get to enjoy their favourite games through undergoing an exceptionally simple process:

  • Foremost, it is a prerequisite for every player to log into his account or open an account with bwin as a bona fide player
  • The next step would be to sign up for the bwin Speed Bonus Challenge each week
  • The player would subsequently play any game proffered by the casino and race his way through the various levels of the game as he earns points. These points can be earned by wagering anywhere in the casino
  • Finally, the player would then claim his rewards, either in cash or in the form of free spins, upon successfully completing each level.

Unlike other online gaming platforms that require specific casino bonus codes in order for players to be eligible for bonuses, bwin provides quite a conducive and convenient gaming ambience for the players.

The bwin Speed Bonuses for Different levels

As aforementioned, players are given rewards every time they reach a new level; these level rewards are outlined as follows:

  • Upon the successful completion of the first level and earning 5 points, the player becomes entitled to claim a reward of 5 free spins
  • The player is awarded 10 free spins when he completes the second level and earns 10 points
  • Whereas the player gets 30 free spins for completing the third level, he is entitled to 50 free spins when he completes level four
  • Cash prize rewards begin with the completion of level five where the player earns €10 and five free spins
  • For level 6, the player is rewarded with €20 and 10 free spins upon the garnering of 600 points
  • The player is entitled to €40 in cash and 5 free spins and €80 and 10 free spins upon the completion of the seventh and eighth levels respectively
  • Upon the completion of the ninth level, the layer earns €200 in cash
  • For the final level, the player earns €500 in cash.

The icing on the cake is the fact that players can also secure their checkpoint bonuses on Bwin every Monday in which they get a weekly canon even which is coupled with 15 extra frees pins.