Play Live BlackJack and Roulette for a Chance to Win £100K with Betfair Casino Live Cash Cases Promotion

Betfair Casino Live £100,000 Cash Cases Promotion – Play BlackJack and Roulette to Win

Betfair Casino Live brings you a new way to win on its casino games; the casino is running a whopping £100,000 Cash Cases promotion, which will be ending on the 1st of January 2018. Live dealer gamers can play at the Betfair`s branded roulette and blackjack tables starting 6 PM till 2 AM every day to stand a chance of winning.


How to Win the Blackjack the £50,000 Cash Case

In order to win the £50,000 cash jackpot on blackjack, the player has to be dealt the Cash Case cards from the live blackjack shoes in order to set off the jackpot bonus hand. The player receives the following prices from the Cash Case cards: £3, £5, £10 or £25 cash if playing at the VIP tables. If the player is dealt the appropriate blackjack hand of a Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades, they can win cash of up to £50,000. The jackpot amount that a player wins is based on the amount staked in the previous hand.

How to Win the Roulette the £50,000 Cash Case

If a player decides to play roulette, the croupiers will arbitrarily lead to bonus spins. The Casino Live Hosts are entitled to approach the Betfair VIP and Betfair branded roulette tables then decide whether the next spin becomes a bonus. If it becomes a bonus, the host shall draw a card from the 0-36 numbered stack. The next spin becomes a bonus spin, but the number on the chosen card has to land. If that number lands once, then the spin that follows becomes a jackpot. During the jackpot spin, the jackpot would be shared in case the host’s number lands one more time. If the jackpot is triggered, the Cash Case is again topped back to a maximum of £50,000. The amount that the player wins depends on the amount staked in accordance with the percentage of all the table bets in the jackpot spin and bonus.


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