Rev Those Engines And Join The Race For Prizes With 888 Casino Slot Races

There are so many slots in the gambling market and that is why it is necessary for developers to come up with new and innovative content. 888 Casino is one of the best casinos and that is why they have introduced an exciting 888 Casino Slot Races concept that will be discussed in this review. If you are a fan slot games then you should get ready to start your engines on the new concept on 888Casino which is a Slot Races. This concept is more than exciting and interesting than other slots. Here is the information you need about the Slot Races before you engage the engines.

888 casino slot races

How Do the 888 Casino Slot Races Work

The main concept of the Slot Races is a high-speed and tournament-like competition between various players. What happens in this game is that various players race against a timer and their main target is to earn as many points as possible. At the end of the game, the player who has many points is declared the winner of the game. Scoring the points in this concept is simple; all a player has to do is spin the reels of specific slot games that are part of the races. Every time you bet a certain amount then score some points you get to win.

Points System

This is the points awarding system:

  • Win-pays out 5 times your bet and it is worth 5 points
  • Jumbo win-pays between 5 times and 15 times your bet and it is worth 50 points
  • Monster win-pays out 15 times or more your bet and it is worth 500 points
  • Double win-once a player hits two Jumbo Wins they earn 100 points
  • Super booster-by hitting the game’s special feature you get a total of 500 points

Winning on Slot Races

Among all the casino games, slots have become the most popular and this is because they have more fun to offer players. Slots are very competitive and this is because throughout the game players aim to win bonuses and rewards. The winner gets the grand prize while the other players still get to enjoy other prizes. Depending on the game, players can win free spins, bonus rewards, bonus game rounds, and hard cash. At the left side of the Slot Races, you can check your ranking on a regular basis.

How to Start Playing 888 Casino Slot Races

The most important thing is that a player has to register for an 888 Casino account. And, then head to the race lobby where they will find all the details about races. Thereafter, they just have to choose the race that suits them best, select join and start racing. For any race, there is a minimum bet amount that a player has to place and in case they wager any amount less than this they don’t earn any points. The race is so easy to play and you should just keep it in mind that the player with the most points at the end of the race is the winner. If you want to enjoy this race, start your engines on 888 Casino Slot Games.