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Mansion Casino Review with Players Feedback – Pros & Cons Evaluated by Real Users

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Mansion Casino is a prestigious online casino established in 2004 that offers live dealer games, mobile casinos, and mobile live dealer among other services. It uses Playtech software licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and the United Kingdom to ensure that there is a variety of different games to suit everyone. The Mansion Casino bonus can range up to £200. In review, the casino drags a pool of loyal customers from all over the world. It has a very high number of new entrants. The casino’s early entrance to the market has come in as a bonus for it. The wide experience gained all over the years gives it an added advantage. Its customers do not hesitate to tell others about the profits they acquire in form of bonuses.

Player Feedback & User Reviews of Mansion Casino

Lucas Finlay
For The Customer Service

I am happy with how the customer service responds to my questions whenever I make an enquiry even if they take a long time to respond. I would prefer if the ever busy customer care phone numbers are replaced with a quicker way of communication. However, I am also impressed with the customer service because of having an international phone line for that can be used worldwide. This phone number helped me when I was not sure of some odds and I was in a foreign country. I called the number and the customer care personnel helped me.

Ivy Juliet
For The Bonus

The casino bonus is generally suitable to me because of the high standard offer amounts in the welcome bonus going from 100% up to £200 on the starting deposit. However, the fact that players can only withdraw after betting for 40 straight times does not work well on me. I also feel that the bets on video poker games should be contributory to my profits. This will increase the overall profits that I have been getting so far. The welcome bonus worked well on my side and I appreciate it once again.

Reuben Jasper
For The Live Casino

The live casino is an amazing deal for me since its introduction. It accepts foreign currencies and this works perfectly for me but a small problem arises because I am not able to use it in some foreign countries that I travel to. However, I am able to get paid on time and via my different account numbers without forgetting that I can use my VISA or my MasterCard to withdraw the pounds. Overall, the casino is a win to me. I have no regrets having an account with mansion casino. It serves me well enough to the point of placing more and more bets for more wins. The betting odds also have always favoured me. This enables me to win even with the least expectation.

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Strengths of Mansion Casino

  • Wide Range of Games: This is, in fact, a major strength of mansion casino. It allows for a great number of games not forgetting their diversity hence attracting people with different tastes and preferences. Users connect directly with online casino using the software from Playtech which allows it. An option is also provided for downloading the game on your PC. All these games can also be played from a smartphone. It only requires the user to download the game, install it and proceed on to play.
  • High-Quality Games: All games available in mansion casino are perfect. This comes in because the casino has a number of experts who only deal with the formation of the games. They addict the players without forgetting the payments coming from them after winning. Games like Blackjack, The Mummy and Ghost Rider are way above and beyond the standard of average games due to their high quality.
  • Security: Mansion Casino can only be played by people above the age of 18. It has strict verification systems for this. In addition, the casino does not share its customer’s personal information with third parties. The payment transactions systems are also very safe. This level of safety allows for a quick and smooth transfer of the Mansion Casino bonus at all times.
  • Mobile Casino: This allows users to play mansion casino games on the smartphones. This is very helpful to customers who do not have a desktop or who dislike playing games on the desktop. Users are only required to download the game. It is also possible to connect with smartphone working with Apple iOS, Android and Windows without downloading apps.
  • Toll-Free Customer Care Telephone Number:  Mansion Casino has a free call telephone number that allows users to enquire from the customer care personnel, anything that is not clear concerning it. The telephone number is 0800 376 8375. This phone number is always on and available 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week. Its operators work with shifts to see to it that the needs of the casino’s users are fulfilled maximally.
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Weaknesses of Mansion Casino

  • Restriction in some Countries: Casino is restricted in countries like Belgium, Portugal, Spain and a number of other countries. Users who visit these countries clearly do not get the best from the mansion casino. In addition, this reduces chances of more entrants into the gaming world. This practically brings down the ratings of this reputable online casino.
  • Payout Times: The current payout time of casino is 48 hours. This is way too long to be set as the pending time for money payout. With the current technological advancements, users expect that the payments should be made within at least 12 hours or less. There should even be a program already in preparation that allows for instant payment. This will attract many potential users who might eventually even become VIP class players.
  • Age Limit of 18 Years: The fact that it is only people who are 18 years and above who can play the game reduces the rate of growth of mansion casino. Instead, there should be set games that are suitable for people who are under the age of 18. This is to widen the user base and at the same time to recruit new users at an early age. These users will hence learn the terms of this online casino early enough at their prime age.
  • Hidden Costs: These costs come in as you withdraw the money. Transaction costs that are not stated anywhere in the terms and conditions agreement miraculously arise as users withdraw their money. This case has severally been reported. It can even be a killer weakness to mansion casino. Subscribed users assume that the casino will fully adhere to the agreed terms at all times just like they do since it is a mutual agreement. This costs eventually end up drastically reducing a user’s interests on the online casino.
  • Fake Casinos: Fake casinos have emerged at an alarming rate. They bear the name mansion casino making it hard to differentiate the real casino and the fake ones. They end up conning people a lot of money by issue of fake bonus odds. It is the responsibility of the casino to see to it that their account is not copied and if it is, the perpetrators are well dealt with in a court of law as fast as possible. This builds the confidence of the users towards the casino. Failure to sue the responsible people may lead to the casino compensating its customers all the money lost through the fake accounts. However, it is also the responsibility of the users of mansion casino to seek knowledge first before opening an account. It is not all up to the company as there is mutual respect between the two parties. (User and Company).

Reputability of Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino is the highest ranking casino among all the reputable online casinos. The reason being that the company is legally licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and the United Kingdom. It is to be noted that this is not common amongst online casinos. Established in 2004, mansion casino leads the leaders in the online casino industry due to its wide and undaunted experience in the field. It has for long been rated as a major player in Europe, Australia and even Canada. In these places, users openly pledge their loyalty to the online casino and even recruit new users who are qualified to open an account. The reputation of the casino is evident with the ever increasing number of new users and loyalty pledged by current users. It is expected that this will continue rising due to the increased online promotions being done to woo potential users.

Problems With Withdrawals At Mansion Casino – Possible Causes

The first problem is evident from the minimum and maximum withdrawal. The minimum amount you can withdraw is £10, this amount ought to be reduced further to cater for beginners who might not have a lot of money to withdraw. This will allow them to withdraw as little as £5 at any time. In addition to this, there should also be no maximum withdrawal amount. This will cater for VIP class players who have a lot of money in their accounts. Another problem is the time limit for withdrawal. Once a user wins some cash, he is not allowed to withdraw the money until after 48 hours. This is period is too long for a big company to use. The next withdrawal problem is the methods of withdrawal. The methods of withdrawal are few compared to the many users of Mansion Casino. The handful of withdrawal methods should be increased in number so as to attract new entrants more easily. In addition, withdrawal costs are too high, not forgetting the hidden costs that arise mostly during the withdrawal time. These costs have been increasing from time to time without even a notice to the users. Another withdrawal problem is the arising inconveniences. This problem arises due to technical failures of machines and the reluctance from people responsible for maintaining them. These people fail in their responsibilities causing many users to get angry at the entire online casino company. Sometimes, users get to the withdrawal point and find that either the withdrawal machine is not working or the card is not working. This is mostly common with the debit and credit cards with the other forms of withdrawal not being so reliable. This delays withdrawals of the Mansion Casino bonus won or offered for free as a welcome gift to users.

Evaluation of Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino has continued to give its users more and more profits day by day. It started with desktop services back in 2004 after its licensing by the Government of Gibraltar and the UK. In all the years that followed, the company has grown in all aspects of modern technology. The most recent milestone achievement being the mobile casino. It came in as a surprise to both the users of mansion casino, other people and other companies as well. The introduction of the mobile casino has boosted the online casino to high-level grounds making it be at top of all the reputable online casinos. Mansion casino also sponsored Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club in 2006 displaying its diversified nature and corporate social responsibility. Games that were long thought to be only playable on desktops are now available in smartphones, courtesy of Mansion Casino. Users just require to download the game, install it and get started. IPhone users are also not left behind. They can still access the services of Mansion Casino from their phones. This, however, will be a bit different with that of normal smartphones that use the android version, but the experience of the quality services still offered still remains the same. With this in mind, Mansion Casino is clearly currently highly valued as it has truly and confidently revolutionised the gaming and entertainment world as well as the technological field in general.

Mansion Casino Rating
  • Great First Deposit Bonus Offer
  • Regular Promotions for Loyal Players
  • Great VIP Programme
  • Huge Variety of Playtech Games
  • 24/7 Customer Support via Live Chat and Phone
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