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Our team is dedicated to breaking down the bonuses and promotions offered by the top online casinos around the world, as well as their various features, games and pros/cons. If you’ve ever wondered whether you need a bonus code to activate a particular bonus, there’s no better place to find out!


The online casino world can be complicated, especially when you’re trying to take advantages of the many promotions and bonuses offered by the various online casinos. Which bonuses are recurring, and which only work for your first deposit? What bonus will give me the biggest return of investment? Is the casino it’s attached to even worth playing at? And most importantly… Do I need a pesky bonus code for this?

The desire to answer these questions in a concise, yet comprehensive way led directly to the creation of Casino-Bonus.Codes, a site dedicated to breaking down the bonuses of the top online casinos and providing you with reviews from both professional gamblers and fans!


Believe it or not, the bottomless well of wisdom you see before you has been created by only two writers who worked tirelessly for months on end in order to bring you the most up to date and reliable casino bonus information! Our heroic scribes are:

Lilly Adams

Lilly is the founder of Casino-Bonus.Codes and its main creative driving force. She first conceived the idea of the site all the way back in 2014, and has since worked tirelessly to maintain, improve and update not only the information contained within, but also its design and features. CBC is her baby, and you can expect it to keep developing and evolving for as long as there are bonus codes to include in it!

Our glorious founder was born in Birmingham in 1985, the third child and only girl in her family. She first discovered she wanted to work with computers when her father brought home a PC running the revolutionary, never to be surpassed Windows 3.1, where even just launching a game like SimEarth or Ski Free required a certain level of programming knowledge and ingenuity in order to navigate the interface.

As a computer science student in the early 2000s, Lilly was the perfect age to experience the boom of the online casinos first-hand. With the Internet becoming commonplace very quickly, what had once been a mere novelty suddenly boomed into one of the most lucrative gambling ventures in the UK, and she was ready for it! Unfortunately, her first experience with an online casino wasn’t a positive one, as Lilly was promised a huge first deposit bonus which she wasn’t granted because of a bonus code that she didn’t even know was needed.

While she eventually overcame her bitterness and found plenty to love in online casinos, this first experience always stuck with Lilly – especially given that many of the casino guides she visited either made no mention of any code necessary or hid it just as much as the casinos themselves did. Determined to provide gamblers with a place where they can plainly learn about codes and other bonus requirements, she established Casino-Bonus.codes – and her work speaks for itself!

Today, CBC is one of the most comprehensive sites dedicated to casino bonuses, featuring dozens of casinos operating in the UK, Germany, Spain, Russia, Australia and other countries. For as long as she remains a gambler, Lilly is determined to keep the site up to date and continue to develop it to provide its users with the best possible experience!

Connor Hunt

The author behind many of the pages on Casino-Bonus.codes, Connor was recruited by Lilly to help bring her idea to life. An avid gambler himself, he first got into the world of online casinos in college, and while his passion for placing bets on live blackjack has passed, it has been replaced by a new hobby: reviewing and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the casinos he plays at. His vast experience as a player has given him a huge leg up as a reviewer, allowing him to see plainly what casino bonuses are actually worth pursuing and what are clearly just a marketing ploy or a waste of time.

Connor’s objective on the site is to research the bonus of each casino thoroughly, sharing not only his opinion on it, but also how to trigger it so that you get the best possible return of investment. If there’s some hidden bonus code somewhere that will give you extra free spins, well, it’s his job to find it and let you know about it! And if it exists, but he hasn’t found it, you have Lilly’s permission to write him and let him know what a lazy bum he is!


The team at Casino-Bonus.Codes has only one main goal – to cut through all the fine print, strange wording, foreign terminology and secret codes, and to present you a simple, yet detailed overview of the casino bonuses that you’d like to know most about. We won’t hide any information, and we’ll do our best to present our findings plainly and clearly, without beating around the bush. In addition, we aim to give you an accurate idea of what each casino has to offer beyond its bonus, because we believe that even the best bonus in the world is worthless if there aren’t any good games to play it on.

We hope you’ll join us on our casino journey and find our findings and advice useful in your own!


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